Practice Standards Scheme

Isabelle Vets Ltd has been approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) as a 'General Practice' for small animals since November 2004. The Practice Standards Scheme is a program run by the RCVS and is designed to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care. The scheme is a voluntary initiative but not all Practices are part of it, so you should look for the RCVS accredited logo below when chosing your vet. The aim of the scheme is to give members of the general public both peace of mind and complete assurance in regard to the facilities and clinical standards of a Veterinary Practice. In order to qualify for and maintain this status our Practice has to undergo rigorous regular inspections in order to meet meet a range of stringent standards that are set by the RCVS including such things as, clinical governance, Practice facilities, hygiene and health and safety, to name but a few.

The RCVS Accredited Practice Standards Scheme means

  • Peace of mind for you
  • Quality care for your animals
  • Regular inspections for the Practice

The Practice Standards Scheme has three tiers 

Isabelle Vets main surgery at Route Isabelle is an accredited RCVS 'General Practice' for small animals and
our branch surgery at L'Islet has 'Core Practice' accreditation (used to be Tier 1).

The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme sets high standards for those Practices on the scheme. Isabelle Vets continues to meet all the standards required and is proud to be a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme.

To achieve accreditation very stringent standards have to be met and thorough inspections are carried out every four years with random spot checks. The check-list is long and exhaustive but includes such things as:

  • The monitoring and maintenance of anaesthetic equipment and protocols.
  • The standard of nursing care.
  • Provision of well maintained equipment and facilities.
  • The provision of modern diagnostic equipment
  • Inspection of Continued Professional Development (CPD) records.
  • The provision of a properly regulated and maintained veterinary dispensing pharmacy.

For further information about the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme please visit this link - Practice Standards Scheme

Isabelle Vets is also an approved Veterinary Nurse Training Practice

As a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice (VNTP) we provide clinical training for our Student Veterinary Nurses (SVNs). In order to be able to do this we have to undergo regular, rigorous inspections by an External Verifier from the RCVS to ensure that our Practice meets all of the strict standards necessary to provide a suitable environment for Student Veterinary Nurse training. This together with our 'General Practice' small animal accreditation shows Isabelle Vets' commitment to further veterinary education, training and CPD for all our staff. We have been a local Veterinary Nurse Training Practice now for many years and many of the fully-qualified RVNs on Guernsey were originally trained locally by our own Practice at Isabelle Vets. Individuals who have been recruited to train as nurses have mostly been drawn from local people in Guernsey.

Find out more about Veterinary Nurse Training on our Guernsey Veterinary Careers page.

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